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Siennas Story

Sienna is a mystical unicorn who lives in the enchanted forest of Thistlewood. Everything in Thistlewood is magic. There are cascading waterfalls that you can walk through and be transported straight up to the clouds. You can slide down rainbows and talk to field mice. There are cotton candy fields and lolly-pop trees and bubble gum bushes. Thistlewood is a place of harmony and happiness and Sienna, alongside her sister, Ellie, are the guardians of this forest. Sienna's horn has magical healing powers and she is always ready to care for someone in need. It is with great honor that she comes to YOU to protect and watch over you. She will not let you down!

‌• A sawtooth hanger is included and your unicorn is sent ready to hang.
‌• This style unicorn may be mounted to the wall or can be displayed standing on a table or shelf.

‌• 17" tall
‌• 5.5" wide
‌• 9" deep

About 1.7 lbs

‌• This unicorn head is made to order and can take 1-2 weeks to create before it can be shipped.
‌• Please remember that these are handmade and unique works of art. Each piece may have slight differences.


Each and every product you see is a completely handmade work of art. Whimsy Wonderland Co. is a one-woman show run by Stephanie Carpenter of Franklin, Tn. Each animal begins as a block of clay. It takes weeks...sometimes even months to sculpt an animal bust. That clay sculpture is used only to then make a mold for casting. After the mold is finished, the clay sculpture is thrown out, and the final product is finally ready to be created. Every piece is hand cast, sanded, and handpainted by Stephanie. She finishes each piece by adding texture. This particular unicorn flaunts a monochromatic chunky yarn mane and a soft crown of cotton to create a dimensional and whimsical finishing touch. (Her mane can be braided or even hold hair bows if you wish.) The objective is to create something magical for your home that will be loved by the young and young at heart.

Thank you so much for visiting my shop. For any questions or custom requests, please email

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