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Collette's Story

When Collette was born, her mother knew she was a special little peacock. Her name was carefully chosen for its French meaning: Victorious. Her mother worried that the other peacocks, with their brilliant green and blue feathers, might look at Collette's purely white feathers and not understand her and label her as "different." But Collette's mother knew that to be different was was to be special.  She knew that it would only be a matter of time before Collette would win over the hearts of those who doubted her. And win them over she did. Collette carries herself with kindness and compassion and the other peacocks can't help but love her. We know you will love her too! 

Some interesting facts about peacocks:
  • For the Babylonians, peacocks are a symbol of guardians.
  • The bird represents everlasting life in Christianity.
  • According to the Feng Shui, peacocks’ feathers safeguard you from threats and disasters due to the peculiar eyes of the feathers.
  • People believe that the white peacock brings eternal happiness.
  • Hindus consider peafowl sacred, and the spots on its tail tend to symbolize the eyes of Gods.
  • Not only are peacocks the national bird of India, but they also stand for compassion, benevolence, knowledge, and kindness in Hinduism.


Each and every product you see is a completely handmade work of art. Whimsy Wonderland Co. is a one-woman show run by Stephanie Carpenter of Franklin, Tn. Each animal begins as a block of clay. It takes weeks...sometimes even months to sculpt an animal bust. That clay sculpture is used only to then make a mold for casting. After the mold is finished, the clay sculpture is thrown out, and the final product is finally ready to be created. Every piece is hand cast, sanded, and handpainted by Stephanie. She finishes each piece by adding texture. This particular peacock displays about 150 albino peacock feathers fanned out and meticulously placed with care to create a dramatic and whimsical yet somewhat realistic aspect. The objective is to create something magical for your home that will be loved by the young and young at heart.

‌• A sawtooth hanger is included and your peacock is sent ready to hang.

‌• ~ 17" tall
‌• ~ 5.5" wide
‌• ~ 9" deep

About 1.7 lbs

‌• This peacock head is made to order and can take 1-3 weeks to create before it can be shipped.
‌• Please remember that these are handmade and unique works of art. Each piece may have slight differences.

Thank you so much for visiting my shop. To see more styled photos of my work, please visit my Instagram page: @whimsywonderlandco